Traditional Owners

Traditional Owners 

NATIVE TITLE AGREEMENT REACHED In January 2016 Metro Mining announced it had executed a Native Title and Land Access Agreement for the Bauxite Hills Mine. The Agreement demonstrated excellent community support for the Project.

The Agreement reached jointly with the Ankamuthi People and Old Mapoon Aboriginal Corporation (OMAC) set a sound foundation for a long term relationship with the Ankamuthi People, Traditional Owners & OMAC-Trustee owner of the land. 

The Agreement included a Cultural Heritage Management Plan for the Project area, provision of employment and training opportunities for traditional owners, business development & contracting opportunities for Ankamuthi businesses and payment of mining benefits to the Ankamuthi People and OMAC for the life of the Mine.

As part of the Agreement, Metro also committed to employment and training targets and to work with stakeholders to identify business opportunities for the Ankamuthi and other local enterprises.  

In addition, a Liaison Committee comprising representatives of all parties was established and meets regularly throughout each year for the life of the Mine ensuring communication and cooperation.

Mining benefits will be used to fund long term programs and benefits to a broad cross section of the Ankamuthi People and their organisations. Land rehabilitation is included as an integral part of the Agreement and progress will be continually reviewed by the Liaison Committee. Refer Australian Government Website

Metro has always had strong relationships with the Traditional Land Owners and Aboriginal people of western Cape York and respects the unique and important association the Traditional Land Owners and local indigenous communities have for 'country' - the land, environment, culture and traditional way of life.

Metro understands the need to work with the local community and is committed to a long-term partnership with local residents.

Previously, Metro have negotiated many agreements, for their various projects, with western Cape York Traditional Owners.  These prior Agreements have included:

  • Consent & Conduct & Compensation Agreement | Mapoon DOGIT (Jul 2011)
  • Conduct & Compensation Agreement | Apudthama Land Trust (April 2011) 
  • Exploration Consent Agreement | Apudthama Land Trust (April 2011) 
  • Wik Exploration Agreement (Oct 2006 and Jul 2009) 
  • Mapoon North Exploration Agreement (Sept 2008) 
  • Mapoon Exploration Agreement (April 2007) 
  • Napranum Exploration Agreement (Dec 2006)

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