Local Business Tender Guide

Tendering Guide For Local Community Businesses

Metro Mining is committed to providing every opportunity for local community businesses to tender for work at the Bauxite Hills Mine.
Accordingly, if you are interested in Metro’s Environment & Communities Manager, Colleen Fish, has personally taken on a specific liaison role to assist, where possible, locals with the tender process.  Colleen can be contacted on (07) 3009 8000 (during business hours) or email cfish@metromining.com.au


This document is designed to provide Cape York based Community Businesses with a brief overview of Metro’s tender submissions expectations 

The price of the tender you are submitting is important however Metro will place more significance on your ability to deliver a quality service, your understanding of the work involved and your ability to anticipate, communicate and deal with any problems that may arise.

Read the Tender Document Thoroughly

Please read the tender Request For Information (RFI) thoroughly and ensure you are in a position to answer all questions. It is vitally important that you fully understand what is expected within the requirements of the tender.

Do You Need More Information?

Once you have read the document, put together a list of any questions you have. It is better to seek clarification on issues you may not understand rather than making assumptions. Again, Metro’s HR Manager Rob Mulholland is on hand to assist. 

Tender Submission Document

1. Your Business

You will need to provide all the required information about your company.

For example, you must have any necessary licenses and insurance cover to meet the requirements of the tender. Key staff information will also be required and should include training qualifications and experience relevant to the work for which you are tendering.

2. Your Experience

What relevant experience do you, your business and staff have that make you the best choice for this work? How does your experience allow you to understand the problems that can occur and how you can resolve them?

To help demonstrate your experience you can consider:

  • What is the scope of the work that Metro requires
  • How are you able to best provide the work
  • What are the problems can occur
  • How would your business be able to resolve these problems
3. Pricing

Businesses are prepared to pay a fair amount for the right service or product. 

Think about how transparent you can be in your pricing information. Is there a different way of pricing your work that would be beneficial for you and the client.  Have you considered how any extras will be covered in the pricing.