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Bauxite Hills Mine Indigenous Workforce

In 2020 the Bauxite Hills Mine exceeded its Traditional Owner employment target of 25% and maintained an indigenous workforce of 27%.

Metro Mining has conducted several Community Engagement Sessions for indigenous people interested in working at the Bauxite Hills Mine with information sessions being held in Cairns, Mapoon, Injinoo and Hope Vale.

In addition Metro has two full time Traditional Owners employed as Community Liaison Officers, one based in Mapoon and the other Injinoo. 

The Community Liaison Officers spend one week on site and one week in the community each month.

Metro's Community Liaison Officers promote training and employment opportunities as they become available at the Bauxite Hills Mine and also provide a communication link to Bauxite Hills Mine employees when they are off site, on break or on leave. 

The Bauxite Hills Mine transhipment services are contracted to TSA (Transhipment Services Australia Pty Ltd). 

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