Western Cape York

Metro Mining controls approximately 1,300 square kilometres of exploration tenements in western Cape York, a region world-renowned for its high-quality, export-grade bauxite. 

Within this area Metro has 9 granted Exploration Permits for Minerals (EPMs), 2 EPM Applications (EPMA) and 11 Mining Lease Applications (MLAs)

Over the past ten  years,  Metro has undertaken systematic exploration programs over a number of bauxite plateaus.

In addition the Company has outlined significant Direct Shipping Ore (DSO) resources at its  Bauxite Hills Project.

As well as the BH2, BH4 and BH5 plateaus located to the south and east of the Bauxite Hills Project Metro has also identified bauxite resources at its Musgrave project.  Re-analyses of raw bauxite drill hole samples from BH2 established its suitability as an export quality DSO deposit.

Metro is planning initial reconnaissance-style exploration programs over other potentially bauxitic plateaus at its Northern Cape York Project in the Vrilya Point area.  Any areas deemed to have bauxite potential will be followed up with future drilling programs.