Bauxite Hills Mine

Bauxite Hills Mine

Metro Mining’s Bauxite Hills Mine is approximately 95 kilometres north of Weipa on Western Cape York.

Bauxite Hills was expanded in December, 2016 with Metro’s takeover of Gulf Alumina Ltd enabling the addition of the adjoining Skardon River Bauxite Project.

The Bauxite Hills Mine positions Metro as one of the largest independent operations within the international renowned Weipa bauxite region.  The company’s total tenement package on Cape York covers 2,505 square kilometres.

Mining operations at the Bauxite Hills Mine are planned to commence Q2 2018.

Metro is in the process of preparing a Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS).  

When fully operational, Bauxite Hills is expected employ up to 200 people with a 30% indigenous workforce target and around 80 people on site at any one time.    

Bauxite Hills Fact File:

  • Considerable market relevance with increased resource providing product blending advantages from additional  mining faces    
  • Potential to expedite environmental approvals (i.e. less river traffic and reduced clearing) 
  • Existing Airstrip
  • Existing 15km north-south haul road
  • Port Of Skardon River (already designated)
  • Former kaolin Mining Lease